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Problematic issue – the commercial code

We have specialized in issue of the commercial code since 2001 when there was a large amendment act. Ms. Pěva Čouková together with her colleague Ms. Jana Skálová provided seminars for wide public. The seminars lasted several days for the Chamber of auditors of CR, Chamber of tax consultants of CR and other agencies. They both have dealt with this issue since then.

In autumn 2008 both colleagues provided lecturing on tax administration management for Public administration Tax Test of Czech tax administration within Tax academy ltd., education agency of the Chamber of tax consultants of CR.

The program was directed at accounting and tax connections of the commercial code related to acconting and taxes. It was repeated several days lasting seminar full of studying materials, Power Point presentations, internet links, recommended literature and also several final tests.

This was a great experience for us from the other side of viewing. The attendants were employees of many Tax revenue offices and headquarters from all the Czech Republic. They were very friendly and gave base for many consultation partners.

The background material was our book issued last autumn. To the date it is fully sold out. Next edition, which is updated for the year 2009 is prepared for you.

In the book new chapters are added – concerning a firm: sale, purchase, rent, deposit and more.

You can buy the book here

We also concern with practical side of the commercial code. We cooperate with several lawyers and also and independent judge.

Some of the transactions made in Oswald company:

In 2007 two large enterprises, which were run by legal entities using the double entry accounting made NON-MONETARY INVESTMENT under the supevision of our company and this single legal entity was created.

We realized fusion of WEBA a.s. Bystrovany (former SIWE Olomouc) and IN & CO – systems, spol. s r.o. Olomouc. After that WEBA a.s. Olomouc was fused with another company.

Delta Invest
We guarantee NON-MONETARY INVESTMENT of significant value of stocks of a new partner including a lay assessor.

We provided consulting during departure of the company partner in the form of NON-MONETARY SETTLEMENT AMOUNT. We arranged accounting and tax issues we helped with organizing and we also cooperated with a lay assessor.

Signum - succession company Qualite
We arranged the audit of final accounts to the date of 31st Dec 2008, which is connected to the FUSION of the Qualite s.r.o. Prostějov and the Signum s.r.o. Hustopeče companies, record day 1st Jan 2009.
For the Qualite we prepared completely FUSION of the Qualite with affiliate company CNC Qualite s.r.o.