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“Great men always saved time.”

We offer you the possibility to leave your wages department in our hands. Your expenses will stay the same as until now and you will get high quality of processing.

You have the opportunity to leave your payroll services in the hands of specialists who deal with this issue on the long-term basis.

Cooperating with us you will have the opportunity to aim at things which are important for you. The concern of our legislation development and everything that is connected to wages of your employees can be left on us. We react flexibly on every change of law, which concerns wages regulations.

We even offer protection of your bank communication for payroll service through our bank account. It is suitable if you want to ensure absolute confidentiality of any information about the payroll.

We keep studying, we cooperate with wages specialists and our work is performed with the experience from leading positions of complicated operations such as health service (e.g. shifts, all bonuses, production of wages regulations).

We will process various types of wages according to your requirements, always following valid legislation.

At present we are working on acquiring qualification of „Wages auditor“.

When it is appropriate to process the wages externally

Why choose our firm?

  • We offer you the possibility to leave out the wages issue and entrust the work with specialists who deal with wages on the long term basis and to this date process several agendas with more than 100 employees.
  • We organize all inspections i.e. In health insurance company, social security administration and tax revenue office. Our inspections proceed without complications.
  • We offer you quality, which you will not have if you employ an accountant.
  • We keep confidentiality of information, we offer covered salary cheques.
  • We take the risk of fault payroll processing.
  • As a user, your data is accessible and under control even it is maintained externally.
  • As a user you cannot only access your data fully at all times, you can also print and analyse.
  • You will save the expenses connected to a staff and their professional development.
  • We provide your data archiving and entire service.


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