25 reasons why cooperate with our firm in the field of auditing

  1. On the auditing market we have been since 1993.
  2. We audit significant companies on the Czech market.
  3. We will check true situation of your accounting.
  4. We will arrange auditing according to International auditing standards.
  5. We will provide advice in all complicated situations - – reserves creation, deferred tax, etc.
  6. We know the VAT issue, we cooperate with external VAT specialists.
  7. We also know the income tax issue law, we cooperate with external specialists.
  8. We will process your financial analyses.
  9. We keep studying.
  10. We adjust your accounting regulation to the valid legislation.
  11. We adjust your payroll regulation to the valid legislation.
  12. We will check your final accounts according to valid legislation including first rate attachment.
  13. We will arrange publishing your final accounts in the collection of records.
  14. We will arrange auditing of opening book closing in case of conversion.
  15. We will arrange all required audits in connection with the Commercial Code.
  16. We will arrange final accounts audit.
  17. We will arrange year-end report audit.
  18. We will arrange the report on the related parties of the company check.
  19. We employ an auditor and two assistants auditor in the system of preparation for auditing examinations.
  20. We will help with processing ash-flow statement.
  21. We will help with first-rate attachment processing, we will provide a specimen.
  22. You will regularly receive our Bulletin for free.
  23. We will process running audits.
  24. We will evaluate check processes used by you.
  25. We will introduce new possibilities of your accounting improvement.


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